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Independent Ticket Reseller
120% buyer's guarantee
Prices may differ from the organizer's price


Highly demanded tickets

Who hasn't experienced it: your favourite band is performing at a concert in your home town after a long absence and the available tickets in the official sales office have already sold out. No problem - if you couldn't get hold of any tickets in advance, avoid long queues out of conviction or only chose to attend the concert after it's already too late, we now offer you a second chance to get tickets for coveted events.

A simple service

We recognised this problem several years ago, and this is why in 2006 we created alltickets GmbH. We specialise in events for which either the entire arena or individual categories are sold out. As soon as the tickets are no longer available via the official pre-sales process, we mediate them via our web shop. At the same time we can offer high quality seats for almost any event, offering the best view of the stage. With these seats you are able to watch the action up close and with even more emotion.

Prices determined by the secondary market

The prices in the shop depend on the supply and demand on the secondary market, our purchase prices and the degree of difficulty for the exchange of tickets. The difference between the printed price and the sales price can vary. Thanks to your great experience and our small, flexible team, we can offer competitive prices for any event. Prices only exceed the printed price if corresponding tickets can only be found with difficulty and we therefore were forced to pay higher purchase prices. Similarly, the sale prices may differ from the original price if our verified partners directly sell and negotiate their tickets via our shop. In this case we leave everything to the seller and offer the tickets at the proposed prices. Conversely, under Specials we offer tickets which cost less than the price printed on them. This is the case if, due to a lower demand we did not have to pay a lot for mediation or if we want to increase the demand for tickets in order to more quickly and easily find a purchaser.