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Independent Ticket Reseller
120% buyer's guarantee
Prices may differ from the organizer's price

General Terms and Conditions

1. general

1.1 Procurement of tickets for events
Povami GmbH, Chollerstrasse, 6300 Zug, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as "Povami") operates a ticket brokerage platform under the name "alltickets". Povami is not itself the organizer of the events listed on the website. Povami mediates tickets between the client and the organiser. The execution of the events is carried out by the respective organiser. Povami procures the tickets on the open market. Povami is not an official sales point of the respective organiser.

1.2 Contractual relationship with the Organiser
The contract for the event attendance is directly between the Povami Client and the respective organizer. For these contractual relationships, general terms and conditions of the organizer may apply. These General Terms and Conditions can be found on the tickets and/or on the website of the respective organizer.

1.3 Position of Povami
Povami acts exclusively as a mediator of the services listed on the website.

1.4 General Terms and Conditions of Povami
The following terms and conditions form the sole contractual basis for all information and orders of tickets and vouchers, including their payment and shipping at Povami. If the Customer uses its own General Terms and Conditions of Business, these are not applicable to the relationship with Povami and the organizer etc. By ordering tickets through the website alltickets the Customer acknowledges the exclusive applicability of the General Terms and Conditions of Povami and the General Terms and Conditions of the booked organizers etc.

2. services on the website of alltickets

2.1 The services listed on the website of alltickets are not binding offers from Povami or the respective organizer.
2.2 Povami and the respective organizer expressly reserve the right to change or remove the listed services and their prices from the website at any time and without giving reasons.

3. conclusion of contract

3.1 General information
The offer for a contract conclusion is made by the customer. By sending the completed order form together with the accepted General Terms and Conditions to Povami, the Customer instructs Povami to purchase the desired tickets from the Supplier in his name and on his account. The Customer undertakes to pay for the order within 5 working days. The Customer undertakes to pay for all tickets listed in the booking (even if they are ordered for or by third parties).

3.2 Order limit
The order limit is usually 6 tickets per customer and event. Povami reserves the right to cancel orders or separate the denominations that exceed this order limit.

3.3 Order and order confirmation
Povami/alltickets will send the customer an order or order confirmation after receipt of the order to the e-mail address given by the customer during the ordering process. If the ordered tickets are available at Povami, the order confirmation is also the order confirmation. If the ordered tickets have to be procured by Povami, the Customer will first receive an order confirmation in which only the receipt of the order is confirmed. In this case Povami will immediately take care of the ticket procurement. If the desired tickets are not available, Povami will inform the Customer within 48 hours after receipt of the order. Povami does not guarantee that the ordered tickets can be procured.

3.4 Shipping and handling
The tickets or vouchers will only be sent expressly after payment by the customer. As soon as the tickets are available at Povami, they will be sent to the delivery address provided by the Customer. With the delivery of the tickets to the national post office or a courier service, Povami has fulfilled all its obligations. The shipping of the tickets is at the risk of the Customer.

3.5 Print@home Tickets
If the tickets ordered are "print at home tickets" (print@home tickets), they will be delivered either by post (physical) or electronically (PDF file or scan). In the latter case, the customer prints out the print@home tickets in unchanged size on white DIN A4 paper using an inkjet or laser printer. The customer acknowledges that it is his own responsibility and risk to have all technical equipment available that is necessary for the receipt and correct printing of print@home Tickets. The customer may only print out one copy of the purchased tickets. Any duplication, modification or imitation etc. of print@home Tickets as well as any (physical and electronic) redistribution of print@home Tickets is expressly prohibited and may result in refusal of admission to the event. In this case there is no right to a refund of the purchase price. Claims for damages etc. of the customer are excluded. Both Povami and the respective organizer reserve the right to claim for damages as well as further legal steps. The printed print@home tickets must be kept carefully. Especially in the area of the machine-readable barcode they must not show any damage, dirt or other impairments that make the entrance control impossible or hinder it. If the print@home Tickets show such damage, soiling or other impairments, there is no claim to admission to the event and/or to a refund of the purchase price.

3.6 Customer account
In order for the customer to complete an order, he must first open a customer account. The customer is obliged to provide truthful information. Thus no customer account may be opened under a pseudonym, another name or several accounts. The customer is obliged to keep the recorded data up to date (e.g. address changes). Povami will send all correspondence etc. to the email addresses and postal addresses stored in the Customer's Account or contact the Customer at the telephone number stated in the Account. The Customer bears the sole risk for incorrect or incomplete information. Povami is not obliged to check the information provided by the Customer for accuracy and completeness.

4. prices

4.1 Tickets are purchased at market prices. Ticket prices may therefore differ from the prices printed on the tickets. The price published in alltickets Ticketshop at the time of the order is decisive. Prices are subject to change at any time.

4.2 Shipping costs
Povami charges shipping costs for the dispatch of the tickets (see paragraph 6.3). These are at the expense of the Customer. The shipping costs are listed separately in the order, in the order confirmation or in the invoice. Decisive are the shipping costs published at the time of the order. The amount of the shipping costs can be adjusted at any time.

5. terms of payment

5.1 Invoicing and payment
After the customer has placed his tickets in the shopping cart, registered or logged into his account, he selects the payment and shipping options.
The following payment options exist:

- Immediate payment by credit card, Debit-Direct, Maestro, immediate bank transfer; as soon as the payment has been successfully completed, the customer will receive the order confirmation or order confirmation by e-mail. Without a valid payment the order process cannot be completed.
- Bank transfer or postal transfer; the customer receives the order confirmation or order confirmation by e-mail. The ordered tickets are to be paid within 5 days.
- Invoice; the customer receives the order confirmation or order confirmation by e-mail. The invoice will be sent by post and is payable within 5 days of receipt.
Payment by sending cash or cheques is not possible (Povami disclaims any liability for loss of cash or cheques).

5.2 Late payment
The payment must be received by Povami by postal and bank transfer and payment by invoice within 5 days after receipt of the final order confirmation or the invoice sent by mail (date of credit note). If Povami has not received payment by this date, Povami reserves the right to withhold the tickets. In this case the Customer has no right to demand delivery of the tickets. Povami can also give the Customer a (short) grace period for payment of the tickets. The ticket price remains due even if due to late payment the event can no longer be attended. Povami expressly reserves the right to claim for damages.

5.3 Cancellation, reminder and rebooking fees are due for payment immediately.

6. shipping and delivery time

6.1 Shipping method
In principle, tickets are delivered by the national post office or by courier service. If shipping is no longer possible for very short-term orders, the tickets will be handed over directly at the venue. The customer will be informed about the delivery details in time. Shipping to P.O. box addresses or packing stations is not possible.

6.2 Delivery periods
The ordered tickets are usually shipped within 5-7 days after receipt of payment of the total amount. Basically the dispatch is carried out by a national post office or a courier service. By handing over the tickets and documents etc. to the post office or courier, Povami has fulfilled its obligations. The shipping is at the risk of the Customer. Povami cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss, failure to meet the delivery times or other disturbances. Sometimes Povami will make the tickets available only very shortly before the event. In this case the tickets will only be delivered or handed over at very short notice.

6.3 Shipping costs
The shipping costs are as follows:

a) Delivery to
- Switzerland: CHF 6.00 / EUR 5.00 / GBP 4.00 per shipment
- Europe Zone 1: DE, FR, ES, IT, GB, BE, DK, NL, LI, LU, SM,
AD, FI, IE, NO, PT, SE CHF 8.00 / EUR 6.50 / GBP 5.50 per shipment
- Outside Europe: CHF 13.00 / EUR 11.00 / GBP 9.00 per shipment

7. postponement or cancellation of the booked event, cancellations by the customer

7.1 Postponement of the event
Responsible contract partner of the Customer for the provision and fulfillment of the tickets mediated by Povami is the respective organizer. If an event or the venue is postponed, the tickets usually remain valid, regardless of the reasons for the postponement or the new venue. Return or exchange of tickets is excluded.

7.2 Cancellation of the event
In case of cancellation of an event, the tickets must be returned to Povami within 10 days of the date on which Povami becomes aware that the event will not take place. In the best case the sales prices will be credited to the Customer within 20 days against deduction of a handling fee (the terms and conditions or instructions of the organizer are decisive). Normally only the printed ticket price can be refunded. To carry out the refund, Povami needs the following information: Bank/postal account (name, city), IBAN and account holder.

7.3 Cancellation of ticket purchases by the Customer
Ticket purchases for events can generally not be cancelled. Tickets already received cannot be returned either. If the customer is unable to attend an event, he has no right to a refund or the ticket price remains due. The organizers reserve the right to deviate from these regulations.

8. loss or damage of tickets
The customer is solely responsible for the safekeeping of the ticket and bears all risks and dangers associated with the loss or damage. Replacement of damaged or lost tickets is excluded or is subject to additional costs in case of possible replacement (e-tickets).

9. wrong deliveries

The customer is obliged to check the delivered tickets immediately after receipt for conformity with the transmitted order confirmation. In case of wrong deliveries such as wrong event or wrong seat category the Customer will receive a free replacement delivery against return of the already received tickets, provided that the Customer informs Povami immediately after receipt of the shipment about the wrong delivery. If Povami is not able to deliver identical (replacement) tickets to the Customer, Povami will provide the Customer with alternative ticket suggestions for the event. If the tickets are more expensive than the originally ordered tickets no extra charge will be made. If seats of a lower category have to be delivered, the price difference between the two categories will be refunded at the time of purchase.


10. rights and duties of the customer, data protection
10.1 Accuracy of customer information
The customer undertakes to check the correctness of his details, e.g. changes of address, at the time of each order. The customer can check the status of his order at any time in his customer account. By placing an order, the customer undertakes to pay the invoice incurred in full and on time and agrees to pay any arrears fees. You expressly agree to take all precautions to avoid that your customer account is made available to third parties and to inform Povami immediately in case of misuse of your account. The Customer acknowledges in each order the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as part of the contract.

10.2 Privacy Policy
The information provided by the customer is stored by Povami and used for the correct processing of the order. It is possible that this data or parts of it will have to be passed on to the organizer etc. or its partners. Credit card payments, Postfinance payments etc. will be handled by the respective payment service provider and the data processed by them. Legal requirements or official orders may oblige Povami, the Organizer or its marketing organization or the payment service provider to disclose such data to the authorities. Povami and the Organizer etc. reserve the right to pass on the data to the authorities etc. to protect legitimate interests. See also our Privacy Policy.

10.3 Services of Povami
In the future Povami will inform the customer about events and other activities. This service can be cancelled at any time. The relevant information can also be found in the respective messages.

10.4 Sound and image recordings, access regulations
Sound and/or image recordings of any kind are generally prohibited at the events. By purchasing the tickets, the purchaser accepts the safety, admission, age and other regulations laid down by the organiser and acknowledges that he/she may be excluded from the event without compensation if these regulations are not complied with. The customer undertakes that third parties for whom he has purchased tickets etc. will also comply with these regulations and instructions.

11. procurement of tickets from third parties via Povami
The service area of Povami also includes the mediation of tickets from private persons. The client has the possibility to ask Povami if Povami is interested in mediation. This ticket mediation is a service of Povami. Povami is not obliged to procure the tickets of the Client and can refuse the procurement without giving any reason. The mediation contract will only be concluded when Povami has agreed in advance, the terms of the contract (price etc.) have been agreed upon and the tickets have arrived at Povami in an undamaged condition. The shipping of the tickets to Povami is at the risk of the seller. Please note that Povami does not accept any liability for incoming deliveries that have not been explicitly agreed upon. Povami is also not obliged to return these tickets and documents. Povami reserves the right to check the authenticity of every ticket delivered and if necessary to have it checked for validity at the official ticket agency. In case of sending counterfeit, invalid or otherwise worthless tickets Povami, the organizer etc. explicitly reserve the right to take legal action against the sender and third parties.

11.1 Brokers sell tickets through Povami
Brokers have the possibility to sell their tickets through Povami. The marketing, contract conditions and prices are agreed individually. A cooperation is only possible after an explicit contract conclusion. Povami can refuse the cooperation without giving reasons. Povami is not liable for unsolicited tickets and documents. Povami is also not obliged to return these tickets and documents. See also paragraph 12.

12. liability regulations

12.1 Liability of Povami
Povami will make every effort to process and complete the mediation order in a correct manner. The liability for slight negligence is excluded. Povami is not party to the contract for the booked events etc. Therefore Povami is not liable under any legal title for the realization of the booked event or any damages which occur during the event or the realization etc. Any liability of Povami for personal injury, property damage, financial loss or any other claims in connection with the organization or implementation of the event as well as the liability for auxiliary persons is excluded. This liability provision applies analogously to other services obtained through Povami. Any liability for the consequences of cancellation or postponement of the event etc. is also excluded. The exclusions and limitations of liability also cover loss of profit, indirect and consequential damages, punitive damages and similar forms of damages. The non-contractual (tortious) liability is governed by the applicable legal provisions. Further limitations of liability and exclusions of liability in these General Terms and Conditions shall, to the extent permitted by law, take precedence over the statutory provisions.

12.2 Liability of the organizer and other service providers
The organisers are liable according to their own general terms and conditions. As a rule, the organisers limit or exclude their liability. Details can be found in the event terms and conditions.

12.3 Liability regarding the use of the Internet

12.3.1 Disclaimer for the use of the websites of Povami and related services
Povami tries to keep the information provided on its website complete, current and correct. Nevertheless, Povami cannot accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information and for the correct transmission of e-mails and other messages. Povami is not liable under any legal title for damages of any kind or other impairments that result from the use of the website of Povami. Povami does not guarantee or assume any liability for the error-free or uninterrupted provision of the Povami Services via the Internet. Povami cannot exclude the possibility of illegal interference with the computer system or misuse of the data provided by the Customer by unauthorized persons and does not accept any liability for any damages resulting from this. Povami also disclaims any liability for damages to the computer system of the Customer as a result of the use of the websites of Povami and is especially not liable for damages that may occur to the computer system of the Customer due to disruptive programs, such as viruses, worms (worms) and Trojan horses etc. The Customer uses his hardware (including printers), operating software and telecommunication equipment for the use of Povami services at his own expense and risk. The Customer acknowledges that Povami is not obliged to support certain software or certain operating platforms or systems or to maintain their support in the future.

12.3.2 Links
Links contained on the website of Povami are provided for the sole purpose of informing the Customer. Any liability of Povami for the content of the linked websites or their correct functioning etc. is excluded.

13. liability of the Customer
The Customer is obliged to compensate Povami for any expenses incurred in connection with the unauthorized use or misuse of the password of the Customer account. Povami expressly reserves the right to claim damages etc. The Customer of print@home Tickets is also obligated to compensate the organizer for any damages incurred in connection with the unauthorized use of additional or modified printouts, reproductions, copies or imitations. In all other respects, the statutory liability provisions apply.

14. copyrights, protection and usage rights to the website of Povami
The entire content of the alltickets website is protected by copyright and belongs exclusively and comprehensively to Povami, unless otherwise specified. The alltickets websites may contain references to the property rights and rights of use of third parties which must be observed. The (complete or partial) reproduction, distribution, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the alltickets websites for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of alltickets.

15. changes to the AGB
Povami reserves the right to adapt and change the terms and conditions at any time. In each case the terms and conditions which are available at the time of the order are decisive.


16. severability clause
Should one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business be or become invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business or the purchase of the tickets shall not be affected in any way whatsoever. In such a case, the parties shall replace the invalid or unenforceable provision with the valid and enforceable provision that comes closest to the economic purpose of the provision to be replaced. The same applies analogously in the event that these General Terms and Conditions contain a loophole.

17. choice of law and place of jurisdiction

17.1 Choice of law
The legal relationship with Povami GmbH is exclusively subject to Swiss law, subject to mandatory applicable, contractually non-alterable provisions in laws and international agreements.

17.2 Place of jurisdiction
Zug, Switzerland is agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction. This is subject to mandatory, contractually non-alterable provisions in laws and international agreements.

Povami GmbH, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland (15.04.2019)