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Independent Ticket Reseller
120% buyer's guarantee
Prices may differ from the organizer's price

General Terms and Conditions

1. Overview

1.1 Provision of event and tourist  services

alltickets Inc, Aarestrasse 28, 3600 Thun, Switzerland (subsequently referred to as "alltickets") operates a ticket sales and distribution company under the trading name "alltickets". alltickets is not itself the organiser of the events listed on the website. alltickets acts as the intermediary between customer and event organiser for these tickets.  The event is the responsibility of the relevant event organiser. alltickets supplies the tickets in the free market. alltickets is not an official outlet of the event organiser. Other tourist services like hotel stays can also be booked on the ticket agency platform. alltickets acts exclusively as intermediary for these services also. The resulting contracts are directly between the customer and the chosen hotel or company. A service of this kind can be booked independent of any ticket purchase. If the customer purchases both tickets and other services through alltickets, the transaction for each of these services has a separate contract. These contracts exist independently of each other. The following conditions apply to all tickets and services purchased through alltickets.

1.2 Contractual relationship with the organiser

The contract relating to attendance at the event exists directly between the customer (ticketholder) and the relevant organiser. The organiser’s general terms and conditions may apply to these contractual relationships. These general terms and conditions can be found on the ticket and / or on the website of the relevant organiser.

1.3 Hotel bookings and other tourist services

Hotel stays and other services can be booked on all websites run by alltickets. The hotel stays are provided by Global Lifestyle Events GmbH. In the case of a hotel booking, the contract is directly between the customer and Global Lifestyle Events GmbH and is subject to the general terms and conditions of Global Lifestyle Events GmbH. alltickets is not the contractual partner for hotel stays or other tourist services provided. The following conditions apply both to hotel stays and other services provided.

1.4 Role of alltickets

alltickets acts exclusively as intermediary for the services listed on the website.

1.5 alltickets’ general terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions form the sole contractual basis for all information and purchase of tickets and other services, including payment to and dispatch by alltickets. Should the customer employ their own terms and conditions, these are not applicable to the relationship to alltickets, the event organiser or other relevant parties. By ordering tickets and / or other services from the alltickets website, the buyer expressly recognises that only the terms and conditions of alltickets and the relevant third party supplier(s) apply.

2. Services on the alltickets website

2.1 The services listed on the alltickets website are not binding offers by alltickets, the relevant organiser or Global Lifestyle Events GmbH etc.

2.2 alltickets and the relevant organiser expressly reserve the right to change the services offered, their price or to remove them from the website at any time and without explanation.

3. Contract formation

3.1 General

The offer of contract formation comes from the customer. In sending the completed booking form to alltickets with acceptance of the terms and conditions, the customer instructs alltickets, in his name and at his expense, to purchase the requested tickets or other services from the supplier. The customer is bound to his purchase in the course of five working days. The customer undertakes to pay for all tickets and services specified in the booking (including those to be provided to third parties).

3.2 Order limit

The order limit is 6 tickets per person and event. We do reserve the right to cancel all orders which exceed the order limit.

3.3 Order acknowledgement and order confirmation

After a booking is made, alltickets will send an order acknowledgement or confirmation to the email address given by the customer during the booking process. If the tickets ordered are available at alltickets, the order confirmation is also the order acknowledgement. Generally an order confirmation will be supplied in the first instance. If the tickets ordered must be procured by alltickets, the customer will receive in the first instance an order acknowledgement, in which only the receipt of the order is confirmed. In this case alltickets will immediately seek to obtain the tickets. If the ordered tickets are unavailable alltickets will inform the customer within 48 hours of the order being made. alltickets does not guarantee being able to provide the tickets ordered.

3.4 Delivery

As soon as the tickets reach alltickets and have been paid for by the customer, alltickets will send the tickets to the postal address given by the customer. In giving the tickets to the national postal service or courier service for delivery, alltickets fulfils its obligations. Shipping of the tickets is at the client’s own risk.

3.5 Print@home tickets

If the ordered tickets are supplied as "Print at Home Tickets" (print@home ticket), these will be sent either by post or email (as a PDF file). In the latter instance, the customer should print out the print@home ticket in its original size on a piece of white A4 paper using an inkjet or laser printer. The customer recognises it is their responsibility and risk to have the necessary technology and equipment required for the receipt and printing of print@home tickets available and functioning. The customer may make only one print-out of the ticket purchased. Any reproduction, copy, change, forgery etc of the print@home ticket and any (electronic) proliferation of the print@home ticket (in relation to the PDF file) is strictly prohibited and may lead to entry to the event being refused. In this case the cost etc will not be refunded. The customer is not entitled to compensation etc. The organiser and alltickets reserve the right to request damages or to take other legal steps. The printed print@home ticket should be carefully looked after. In particular there should be no damage, dirt or other impairment of the area around the machine-readable barcode which could hinder or render impossible the entrance checks. If the print@home ticket shows such damage, dirt or impairment, there is no entitlement to entry to the event and / or refund of the fee paid by the customer.

3.6. Customer account

To be able to make an order the customer must first open a customer account. The customer undertakes to provide true information. Therefore no customer account should be created under a pseudonym or other name, and the creation of multiple accounts is not permitted. The customer undertakes to keep the given information up to date (e.g. changes of address). alltickets will send all correspondence etc to the email address and postal address provided in the customer account, or contact the customer on the telephone number given in the customer account. The customer is solely responsible for incorrect or incomplete information. alltickets is not obliged to verify the customer’s information.

4. Prices

4.1 The tickets are bought at the market value. The price of tickets may therefore vary from the printed price. The published price in the alltickets ticket shop at the time of purchase is binding. Prices are subject to change at any time.

4.2. Shipping costs

alltickets incurs shipping fees for the dispatch of tickets (see point 6.3). These are borne by the customer. The shipping costs are listed separately in the order form and the invoice. The shipping costs published in the order are binding. Shipping costs may change at any time.

5. Terms of payment

5.1 Invoice and payment

After the customer adds tickets to their basket and registers or logs into their account, they choose the payment and shipping options.

The following payment options are available:

  • Immediate payment by credit card, debit card, Maestro, direct debit, bank transfer. As soon as the payment is successfully completed the customer will receive their order acknowledgement or confirmation by email. The purchase cannot be completed without valid payment.
  • Bank transfer or giro transfer. The customer receives their order acknowledgement or confirmation by email and payment for the tickets purchased is due within five days.
  • On invoice. The customer receives their order acknowledgement or confirmation by email, the invoice is sent by post and payment is due within five days of its receipt.

Postal payment in cash or by cheque is not possible (alltickets is not liable for any loss of cash or cheques).

5.2 Late payment

Payment by bank or giro transfer, or by invoice, must be received by alltickets within five days of receipt of the final order confirmation or invoice sent by post (date of credit note). If payment has not been received by alltickets by this time, alltickets reserves the right to withhold the tickets. If exercising this right, alltickets will inform the buyer without delay. In this instance the customer has no entitlement to delivery of the tickets. Where applicable, any payment received late will be refunded to the customer. alltickets can alternatively allow the customer a (short) extension for payment. In this instance the ticket cost remains due, even if late payment means the event can no longer be attended. alltickets reserves the right to claim damages.

5.3 Cancellation, late payment and alteration fees are payable immediately.

6 Shipping and delivery time

6.1 Shipping method

Tickets are sent by national postal service or courier. If it is no longer possible to post tickets due to the proximity of the event the tickets will be brought to the customer’s accommodation at the event or made available for collection at the venue. The customer will be informed of ticket collection details in good time. Shipping to postbox addresses or Packstations is not permitted.

6.2 Delivery period

Tickets purchased are generally dispatched within 5-7 days of full payment being received. The customer can see information about the expected delivery period in their alltickets customer account. Dispatch is through the national postal service or a courier service like UPS. In giving the tickets and documents to the national postal service or courier service for delivery alltickets fulfils its obligations. Shipping of the tickets is at the client’s own risk. alltickets cannot be held responsible for damage, loss, late delivery or other problems. The customer will be informed of any delay in dispatching the tickets. Sometimes tickets are made available to us only shortly before an event. In this instance the tickets will be delivered direct to the hotel or delivered at last-minute.

6.3 Shipping costs

Shipping costs amount to:

a)        Delivery to

  • Switzerland CHF 6.00 / EUR 5.00 / GBP 4.00 per shipment
  • Europe Zone 1: DE, FR, ES, IT, GB, BE, DK, NL, LI, LU, SM,
    AD, FI, IE, NO, PT, SE CHF 8.00 / EUR 6.50 / GBP 5.50 per shipment
  • Rest of the world CHF 13.00 / EUR 11.00 / GBP 9.00 per shipment

7. Postponement or cancellation of the booked event, customer cancellations

7.1 Postponement of the event

The partner with a contractual obligation to the customer for delivery and fulfilment of the event for which alltickets is the intermediary is the event organiser. If the event is postponed or the venue is changed, the ticket is generally valid for the new date or location whatever the reasons for the postponement, and return or exchange is not permitted. The contractual conditions or directives of the relevant organiser are binding.

7.2 Cancellation of the event

If an event is cancelled, tickets must be returned within 10 days of the announcement of the event not taking place. At best, the purchase price, minus an administration fee, will be refunded to the customer within 20 days (the Ts & Cs or directives of the organiser are binding). Frequently, only the face price of the ticket can be refunded. To receive reimbursement, alltickets requires the following information: Bank or post office account (name, address), international bank account number and name of the account holder.

7.3 Cancellation of events by the customer

Ticket purchases for events cannot be cancelled by the customer or the tickets returned. If the customer is unable to attend an event the ticket price remains due or will not be reimbursed. Organisers’ rights to rule differently are reserved.

7.4 Cancellation of hotel stays etc

alltickets makes the customer aware that in case of cancellation or postponement of an event, hotel bookings etc retain their validity. If a customer no longer requires a hotel stay or other booked service, the customer himself must cancel this at alltickets. In this instance cancellation fees of the hotel or service provider may be incurred. Cancellation fees in accordance with the service provider’s terms and conditions may also apply in the case of date changes etc.

8. Lost or damaged tickets

The customer is responsible for the safe-keeping of the tickets and carries all the dangers and risks associated with their loss or damage. Replacements cannot be issued in the case of lost or damaged tickets.

9. Incorrect delivery

9.1 Immediately on receipt, tickets should be checked against the details on the order confirmation. In the case of tickets being provided for the wrong event, wrong seat category etc, the customer will receive free replacements on return of the tickets already issued provided the customer informs alltickets of the misdelivery immediately on receipt of the shipment. If alltickets is no longer able to provide the customer with exactly the same (replacement) tickets alltickets will offer the customer alternative ticket options for the same event. If the seats are more expensive than those originally ordered, no supplement will be requested. If seats in a lesser category have to be provided, alltickets will reimburse the price difference between the two categories at the time of purchase. The customer will also receive an alltickets gift voucher worth CHF 20.00. This can be used toward your next purchase (no cash alternative or payment to a credit card etc; the voucher is valid for 18 months from the date of issue).

10. Customer rights and obligations, data protection

10.1 Accuracy of customer information

The customer undertakes to check the accuracy of their details, eg change of address, at the time of every order. The customer can see the status of their order in their customer account at any time. On submitting an order, the customer agrees to settle the resulting invoice fully and in good time and consents to pay any applicable arrears fees. They expressly undertake to take every precaution to avoid making their customer account accessible to a third party and to inform alltickets immediately in case of any misuse of their account. The customer recognises the Ts and Cs and data protection conditions as forming part of the contract in every order.

10.2 Data protection

The information given by customers is saved by alltickets and used for the correct handling of the order. It is possible this data or parts of it may need to be passed on to the event organiser etc or their partners. Credit card payments, Postfinance payments etc are handled through the relevant payment service provider and the data processed by them. Statutory conditions or regulatory orders may require alltickets, the event organiser or their marketing organisation, or the payment service provider to disclose this data to the authorities. alltickets and the event organiser etc reserve the right to pass the data to the authorities etc in the pursuit of legitimate interests. See also our data privacy statement.

10.3 alltickets services

alltickets will inform the customer about future events and other activities. The customer can unsubscribe from this service at any time at alltickets. The corresponding information can also be found in the relevant correspondence.

10.4 Recording and photography, entry conditions

Recording and photography of any kind are generally prohibited at the events. With the purchase of tickets the buyer accepts the safety, entry, age and any other instructions and restrictions set out by the event organiser and acknowledges that breaking these conditions may result in their ejection from the event without compensation. The customer undertakes to ensure that third parties for whom they have bought tickets etc also comply with these conditions and directives.

11. Brokering of third party tickets through alltickets

The alltickets service also includes the brokering of tickets for private individuals. The customer is able to ask alltickets whether alltickets would be interested in being the agent. This ticket brokering represents a service by alltickets. alltickets is not obliged to broker the customer’s tickets and can refuse to act as broker without explanation. The brokering contract is realised only if alltickets consents in advance, has agreed the contract conditions (price etc) and when the tickets reach alltickets in an undamaged condition.  The sending of tickets to alltickets is at the seller’s own risk. It should be noted that alltickets takes no responsibility for deliveries arriving without being expressly agreed in advance. alltickets is also not obliged to return these tickets and documents. alltickets reserves the right to check the authenticity of every ticket received and if necessary verify its validity with the official booking office. In the case of receipt of forged, invalid or otherwise worthless tickets, alltickets, the event organiser etc reserve the right to take legal action against suppliers and third parties.

11.1 Broker sales of tickets on alltickets

Brokers can sell their tickets on alltickets. The marketing, contract conditions and prices are agreed individually. A collaboration is only possible after the formal conclusion of a contract. alltickets can refuse the collaboration without explanation. alltickets is not liable for tickets and documents which are sent in unsolicited. alltickets is also not obliged to return these tickets and documents. See also Point 12.

12. Conditions of liability

12.1 alltickets’ liability

alltickets strives to process and fulfil a request in the correct manner. No liability is accepted for minor negligence. alltickets is not the contractual partner for the booked events, hotel services etc. Therefore alltickets is not liable under any legal title for the execution of the event booked or any damages which occur on the occasion or in its execution, or related to any hotel services. alltickets bears no duty of compensation for damage to people or property or financial losses or other demands in relation to the organisation or execution of an event or liability for auxiliary staff. This condition of liability applies equally to hotel services and all other services purchased through alltickets. There is also strictly no liability for the consequences of the cancellation or postponement of an event etc. This includes hotel or travel cancellation fees etc. The liability exclusions and limitations likewise include loss of profits, indirect and consequential damages, punitive damages and other forms of compensation. Non-contractual (delictual) liability is according to applicable statutory conditions. The advanced liability limitations and exclusions take precedence over statutory conditions as far as is legally permitted.

12.2 Liability of the event organisers and other service providers like hotels etc

The event organisers, hotels etc are liable according to their own terms and conditions. Generally the event organisers, hotels etc bear no or limited liability. Details can be found in the event organisers’ Ts & Cs and in the terms and conditions of the hotels etc for whom we act as intermediary.

12.3 Liability related to internet usage

12.3.1 Disclaimer related to use of the alltickets website and related services

alltickets strives to ensure the information provided on its website is complete, up to date and accurate. At the same time, alltickets cannot be held liable for the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information or the correct transmission of emails and other correspondence. alltickets is not liable under any legal title for damages of any kind or other adverse effects which result from use of the alltickets website. alltickets does not guarantee an error-free or uninterrupted delivery of the alltickets internet service, or accept any liability there for. alltickets cannot rule out illegal intrusions into the computer system or an abusive use of the data provided by customers by unauthorised persons and thus accepts no liability for any ensuing damages. Additionally, alltickets accepts no liability for damage to the customer’s computer system through using the alltickets website and in particular is not liable for damage which may be caused to the customer’s computer system by malicious programmes like for example viruses, worms and Trojan horses etc. The customer uses their hardware (including printer), software and telecommunication equipment for the use of alltickets’ services at their own expense and risk. The customer acknowledges that alltickets is not obliged to support particular software or operating systems or to maintain their support in the future.

12.3.2 Links

Links contained on the alltickets website are included purely for customers’ information. No liability is accepted for the content or correct functioning etc of linked websites.

13. Liability of the customer

The customer is obliged to reimburse all expenses arising from the inappropriate use or abuse of the password of the customer account. alltickets reserves the right to seek damages etc. Furthermore, customers with print@home tickets are obliged to recompense the event organiser for any loss resulting from the unauthorised use of additional or altered print-outs, reproductions, copies or forgeries. Otherwise statutory conditions of liability apply.

14. Copyright, intellectual property rights and right of use of the alltickets website

All the content of the alltickets website is protected by copyright and belongs, unless others stated, exclusively and entirely to alltickets. The alltickets websites may contain references to third parties’ intellectual property and rights of use, which should be noted. The (complete or partial) reproduction, broadcast, distribution (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the alltickets website for public or commercial purposes is forbidden without prior written agreement.

15. Changes to the Ts & Cs

alltickets reserves the right to adapt and change these Ts & Cs at any time. The Ts & Cs which are agreed to at the time of purchase are binding.

16. Salvatore clause

Should one or more provisions in these terms and conditions be or become ineffective or unenforceable, whether fully or in part, the effectiveness or enforceability of the remaining points in these Ts & Cs and the purchase of the ticket remain unaffected.  In this instance the parties will replace the ineffective or unenforceable provision with the effective or enforceable provision which most closely relates to the economic purpose of the point being replaced. The same applies should these Ts & Cs contain a gap in the regulations.

17. Choice of law and jurisdiction

17.1 Law

alltickets Inc is subject only to Swiss law. Mandatory, contractually inalterable conditions in statutory and international agreements shall remain reserved..

17.2 Jurisdiction

Thun, Switzerland, is the sole place of jurisdiction. Mandatory, contractually inalterable conditions in statutory and international agreements shall remain reserved. Should any dispute arise from the interpretation of this document, the original German version is binding.

alltickets Inc, CH-3600 Thun, Switzerland (11.6.2012)